Presidents of several countries were offered to record video for the contest «Smile of Universe 2018»


The general producer of the international beauty contest «Smile of Universe» sent official requests to presidents of several countries with a request to record video addresses for the international contest «Smile of Universe 2018».

The main mission of the project is to strengthen the friendship between different peoples of our Planet. The contest is held with the aim of promoting fashion for a smile, kindness and careful attitude to people around us.

The management of the international contest «Smile of Universe» sincerely hopes that the heads of various states will support the idea of our project and will record video messages to the people of their and other countries.

«In recent years, the world is so much negative energy — war, disaster, most people go angry and irritated. The main objective of the project — promotion of peace in the universe. Let's smile more often, because Smile — it`s fashionable!» — says director and general producer of the contest «Smile of Universe»Leonid Khromov.

Currently, official letters have been sent to the heads of the following states: Russia, Lithuania, the United States, China, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.