International contest «Smile of the Universe» is a new fashionable socially significant contest, in which girls and women over 18 years old can take part. The upper age limit does not matter.

Any socially active resident who lives and is registered in the territory of any country of the world can take part in the competition. Does not matter, and the social status of the contestants.

Competition Mission

The main mission of the project is to strengthen the friendship between different peoples of our Planet.

The competition is held with the aim of promoting fashion for a smile, kindness and careful attitude to people around us.

The aim of the project is to find the most positive girls and women from different parts of the world who have the most attractive smiles.


All participants of the project automatically become more successful and happy people than they were before taking part in the competition.

The winners of the project will receive not only gifts from the partners of the contest, but other stellar opportunities in the form of international recognition, participation in interesting social projects, as well as new useful acquaintances with various creative and media personalities.

Jury 2018

Leonid Khromov

Leonid Khromov

Chairman of jury (Russia)

Director and general producer of international Contest «Smile of Universe», Producer and composer «Leonardo Velconte» electronic music project

Elena Kozub

Elena Kozub

Juror (Russia)

Executive Producer of the International Beauty Contest «Smile of Universe», professional model, «Queen of Runet 2015»

Anastasia Posmashnykh

Anastasia Posmashnykh

Juror (Russia)

Designer of clothes, the founder of the producer center ALUSSO, the owner of the title «Smile of Universe 2017»

Sadorat Mamatkulova

Sadorat Mamatkulova

Juror (Tajikistan)

The winner of the nomination «Miss Charm 2017» contest «Smile of Universe 2017»


1. General Provisions

1.1. International Internet project «Smile of Universe» (hereinafter in the text «Competition») is designed to choose the most positive girls or women from different parts of the world who have the most attractive smiles.

1.2. The organizer of the contest is the production company Velconte Production (hereinafter referred to as the «Organizer»).

1.3. The selection of the participants of the Competition is handled by a professional jury (hereinafter in the text «Organizing Committee»).

1.4. Family members of the Organizing Committee, as well as employees of the Contest partners, are not allowed to participate in the Competition.

1.5. The Organizer of the Contest does not bear expenses related to the travel and accommodation of the winners of the Contest to the place (city, region, district) of photo sessions, filming and other creative projects that can be awarded as prizes to the winners of the Contest from its sponsors and partners.

1.6. The Organizer of the Competition has the right to make changes to these Rules. The updated information is posted on the website http://www.smileuniverse.online in the «News» section, which is an appropriate and sufficient way to notify the participants of the amendment of the Rules.

1.7. The fact of filling in the questionnaire in the Contest constitutes acceptance of the Contest participant for processing the organizer of the provided personal data of the participants (including, but not limited to: name, surname, patronymic, information on the series and passport number, authority that issued the passport, date of issue, date and place of birth, address of permanent residence, phone number, postal address) in all the ways specified in Article 3 para 3 of the Federal law (in Russian Federation) of July 27, 2006 ¹ 152-FZ «on Personal data», solely for the purposes of the Competition. Consent to the processing of personal data given by the participant for the duration of the Contest, and 3 years after its completion. Member has the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data by sending a written declaration to the postal address of the Organizer, in this case, the participant loses the right to receive prizes and deprived of winning the title.

2. Requirements for participants

2.1. The Competition can be attended by girls or women who at the time of filling in the questionnaire have an age of at least 18 years and have an official citizenship in any of the countries of the world.

2.2. The height, weight and marital status of the Contest participants do not matter.

2.3. Persons who have a criminal record can not take part in the Competition.

3. Stages of competition

3.1. The first stage is the qualifying round. The terms of the first stage are indicated on the Contest site in the «News» section.

3.2. The Contest participants fill in the questionnaire and on the basis of these data the Organizing Committee decides on admission of the Contest participants to the second round the quarterfinal.

3.3. For admission to the quarterfinal of the Contest, the participant must activate her profile. The cost of activation of the questionnaire is $7 USD. If the questionnaire is not activated, the participant is removed from further participation in the Competition. If the participant has activated the questionnaire, but then has changed her mind to participate in the Contest, then in this case the money for activation of the questionnaire will not be returned.

3.4. In the quarter finals (SMS voting or Internet voting), the Internet users of the site «Smile of Universe» vote for photos of the Contest participants. Each country has its own separate quarterfinals, according to the results of which the participants of the third round the semi-finalists of the Contest are determined.

3.5. In the semifinal of the Competition from each country there are several participants. The number of participants is determined by the Organizing Committee.

3.6. To participate in the semifinal of the Contest, participants need to prepare a short positive video for up to 30 seconds, where you need to tell why you need to smile and the effect of a smile on a person's life.

3.7. Participants who do not have time to record a video-video for the semifinal are not allowed.

3.8. In the semifinals (SMS voting or Internet voting), the Internet users of the site «Smile of Universe» vote for the videos of the Contest participants. Each country has its own separate semi-final, according to the results of which the participants of the fourth round are determined the final.

3.9. In the final of the Contest no more than five participants from each country.

4. Awards Ceremony

4.1. For the first place is awarded the title «Smile of Universe», for the second and third place the titles «Second Smile of Universe» and «Third Smile of Universe» are awarded, respectively.

4.2. The format of the final of the Contest is determined by the Organizer.

4.3. The winner of the Contest, which becomes the owner of the title «Smile of Universe» receives a cash prize.

4.4. For the 2nd and 3rd place participants of the Competition receive electronic diplomas about participation in the Competition.