The Smile Universe International Film Festival is a relatively new socially significant film festival in which young mothers with at least one child take part.

Any socially active women living and registered in the territory of any country in the world can take part in the project. The social status of the film festival participants does not matter either.


The main mission of the project is to strengthen the friendship between different peoples of our Universe.

The festival is held with the aim of promoting fashion for a smile, kindness and the right family values.

The purpose of the festival is the development of independent authorial short-length positive art and documentary films in the world.


All project participants automatically become more successful and happy women than they were before taking part in it.

The winners of the festival will receive not only gifts from the partners of the festival, but also other stellar opportunities in the form of international recognition, participation in interesting social projects, as well as new useful acquaintances with various creative and media personalities.

Jury 2020

Leonid Khromov

Leonid Khromov

Chairman of jury (Russia)

President and producer of international film festival Smile Universe, Producer and composer Leonardo Velconte electronic music project

Michael Melikhov

Michael Melikhov

Juror (USA)

President and founder of the Sungates Center, Member of the Noosphere Spiritual and Ecological Assembly of the World, psychologist, consultant in traditional and Vedic numerology

Elena Stanislavskaya

Elena Stanislavskaya

Juror (Russia)

Smile Universe 2019, blogger, visage instructor, lawyer

Natalia Soboleva

Natalia Soboleva

Juror (France)

President of the Association franco-russe «Nathalie», poetess


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1. General Provisions

1.1. The International Film Festival Smile Universe (hereinafter referred to as the Festival) is called upon to select the most positive film works of creative young mothers from different parts of the world with the most attractive smiles.

1.2. The organizer of the contest is the production company Leonid Khromov Production (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer).

1.3. The selection of the participants of the Festival is handled by a professional jury (hereinafter in the text Organizing Committee).

1.4. Family members of the Organizing Committee, as well as employees of the Festival partners, are not allowed to participate in the Festival.

1.5. The Organizer of the Festival does not bear expenses related to the travel and accommodation of the winners of the Festival to the place (city, region, district) of photo sessions, filming and other creative projects that can be awarded as prizes to the winners of the Festival from its sponsors and partners.

1.6. The Organizer of the Festival has the right to make changes to these Rules. The updated information is posted on the website http://www.smileuniverse.online in the News section, which is an appropriate and sufficient way to notify the participants of the amendment of the Rules.

1.7. The fact of filling in the questionnaire in the Festival constitutes acceptance of the Contest participant for processing the organizer of the provided personal data of the participants (including, but not limited to: name, surname, patronymic, information on the series and passport number, authority that issued the passport, date of issue, date and place of birth, address of permanent residence, phone number, postal address) in all the ways specified in Article 3 para 3 of the Federal law (in Russian Federation) of July 27, 2006 № 152-FZ on Personal data, solely for the purposes of the Festival. Consent to the processing of personal data given by the participant for the duration of the Festival, and 3 years after its completion. Member has the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data by sending a written declaration to the postal address of the Organizer, in this case, the participant loses the right to receive prizes and deprived of winning the title.

1.8. The Organizer pays for the finalists of the Festival hotel accommodation at the time of the event. All other expenses are borne by the participant.

2. Requirements for participants

2.1. Women can take part in the Festival, who at the time of filling out the questionnaire are 23-45 years 23-45 years old and have an official citizenship in any of the countries of the world, have at least one child and are in an official marriage, civil marriage or divorced.

2.2. The height and weight of the Festival participants do not matter.

2.3. Persons who have a criminal record can not take part in the Festival.

3. Stages of the festival

3.1. The first stage is the qualifying round. The terms of the first stage are indicated on the Festival site in the News section.

3.2. The Festival participants fill in the questionnaire and on the basis of these data the Organizing Committee decides on admission of the Festival participants to the second round the 1/4 finals.

3.3. For admission to the 1/4 finals of the Festival, the participant must activate her profile. The cost of activation of the questionnaire is $50. If the questionnaire is not activated, the participant is removed from further participation in the Festival. If the participant has activated the questionnaire, but then has changed her mind to participate in the Festival, then in this case the money for activation of the questionnaire will not be returned.

3.4. In the 1/4 finals (SMS voting or Internet voting), the Internet users of the site Smile Universe vote for photos of the Festival participants. Based on the results of this stage, participants of the third round — the quarterfinalists of the Festival.

3.5. The number of participants in the quarterfinals is determined by the Organizing Committee.

3.6. To participate in the quarter finals of the Festival, participants need to prepare a short positive video for up to 90 seconds, where you need to tell why you need to smile and the effect of a smile on a person's life.

3.7. Participants who do not have time to record a video for the semi finals are not allowed.

3.8. In the semi finals (SMS voting or Internet voting), the Internet users of the site Smile Universe vote for the videos of the Festival participants. Based on the results of this stage, the participants in the fourth round are determined — the final.

3.9. In the final of the Festival there can pass several participants from one country.

3.10. The format of the final of the Festival is determined by the Organizer.

3.11. To participate in the final of the Festival, contestants must prepare creative film works (amateur short films or documentaries) on a given topic. The theme of the Festival is determined by the Organizer after determining all the finalists of the Festival.

3.12. Requirements for the quality of films (to participate in the final): the total duration of the film is 5-10 minutes, resolution FullHD 1080p. The title of the film must be present in the film, as well as the opening and closing credits (names and surnames of the main actors, scriptwriter, director, cameraman, etc.).

3.13. Finished films must be sent to the Organizer's email.

3.14. Participants of the Festival are prohibited from publishing their films in the public domain until the end of the Festival finals. Participants who violate these requirements are suspended from participation in the final of the Festival.

4. Awards Ceremony

4.1. For the first place is awarded the title Smile Universe, for the second and third place the titles Second Smile Universe and Third Smile Universe are awarded, respectively.

4.2. The winner of the Festival, as well as the participants who took the second and third places receive gifts from the Organizer or the partners of the Festival.

4.3. Other participants of the Festival may receive additional nominations from partners and sponsors if they are established by the Organizer.

4.4. The organizer has the right to establish additional nominations in the categories of Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, etc.

4.5. The list of gifts is published on the site of the Festival in the section News.